Sup Torpedo has an almost mythical aura around these parts.
Sup Torpedo is a euphemism for bullís penis

Youíre not actually eating a torpedo any more than youíre eating the Friarís
olfactory senses when you order Bishopís Nose.
Do you know how long a bullís penis is?
I didnít realize the magnitude of the size until the good people at Sup Hammed showed me
It threatened my masculinity and I felt a peculiar urge to chomp on the appendage.
Itís HUGE!

The bullís penis is not so much about girth as it is about pure,
unadulterated length.
Sup Hammed is recommended by Going Places, the in-flight magazine for MAS.
Itís located conveniently beside Cititel Hotel in Penang so itís just a hop,
skip and jump to savor the delicacy known as Sup Torpedo.
Sup Torpedo is surprisingly tasty. You just gotta love the tender bullís penis
and the burst of flavor and juices is incredible!
Now, thatís what I call a long dong