Meet Amazon Eve. the California-born model who, at 6-foot-9, towers above her competition and has one of the most refreshingly healthy body images we’ve seen in a while.

Eve, who also goes by Erika Ervin, made a name for herself after she appeared in Australia’s Zoo magazine in November 2009.
According to the The Telegraph, Eve is interested in breaking into the film industry — despite the fact that producers have a tendency to type-cast her as a monster or alien. “[But] I’d be a great movie villain – the bad girl,” she told the paper. “I could do a role like Jaws in one of the
old James Bond films.”

But it’s Eve’s attitude that actually makes her awesome. While we’re sure growing up over a foot taller than what is already considered a “tall” female wasn’t easy,
Eve doesn’t seem too insecure about it. She told the Telegraph,
“I make everybody look short, but when I’m alone, I look like a regular girl.
I’m proportionate. It’s only when I stand next to somebody that it looks unusual.”

In the meantime, Eve has found herself a second money making past-time:
wrestling men for money, for which she gets paid about $400 an hour.