Naked Reality Shows

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Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid is nude survival show — how great is it to live in a world with more than one! — but focuses on multiple people. In each episode, two strangers are paired and stranded together with no food or clothes, and have to survive 21 days. It’s an intense watch, with or without the nudity.

Naked News is an adult news and entertainment …

Naked News is a Canadian news and entertainment program owned by Naked Broadcasting Network. It features nude female news presenters reading news bulletins derived from news wires. The show’s production studio is located in Toronto. There are six daily news programs a week and they are approximately 22 minutes long. The female cast members either read the news fully nude, or disrobe as they present their various segments, including entertainment, sports, movies, food, sex and relationships. Naked News TV! is an offshoot of the web program and is broadcast on pay TV in various countries around the world.

The show recruits women from around the world to appear on a regular basis or as guest reporters. Their auditions, where women try out for the program, is one of the most popular segments and generates the most viewer feedback. Another popular segment is Naked in the Streets in which a reporter goes topless in the street and asks the public about various topics.

Naked news watch online

Naked Office

Back in 2009, my favorite outrageous showsmith. Channel 4 produced a series called Naked Office. The concept of the show was, yep, being naked in the office. Apparently, business psychologist David Taylor theorized that “naked Fridays” at work would boost morale.

OK, what? I feel like when I worked in an office, even the idea of leaving my 60 denier opaque tights at home would have made me self-conscious.

Anyhow, Taylor managed to persuade the staff into doing it and the outcome was largely positive. You can watch episodes on YouTube now.

Embarrassing Bodies

The show that involved people being so ashamed about their various ailments that they decided to bare all on national British TV.

Almost every condition under the sun was featured in this show – they even had a penis special! I get that this was in the interest of education, but like, why would you choose to strip off for millions of viewers when the GP is right there?!

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction is a reality TV dating series where contestants reveal all while looking for love.

This show has made a habit of breaking the rules by having contestants reveal it all on reality TV and portraying the sex habits of Britain’s of all ages, creeds, cultures, and sizes.

Naked Attraction

Nude Shows in Vegas

Vegas is often called sin city for a reason. There is no lack of adult entertainment. One of the things Las Vegas is famous for is the nude shows. Let’s take a look at some nude show options, including burlesque, showgirls, topless shows, and other sensual acts. 

Dating Naked

…Is an American reality dating game show shown on VH1. The show matched up several contestants who were routinely switched with other contestants. While contestants were nude most of the time, the show does not show contestants’ genitals. The first season featured a new pair of contestants in each episode. There was a format change for the remaining seasons, where there were two main contestants, a male and a female, whom new contestants would join each episode to date them, in a format similar to shows such as The Bachelor.