When mother looks younger than daughter

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A mother at 64 looks like she’s the same age as her daughter. And plastic surgeons have nothing to do with it

Angela Paul was born in the English, but has lived in California for many years. This year she is 64 years old, but she looks much younger than she is. When she goes out with her 34-year-old daughter, everyone thinks they’re sisters.

According to Daily Mail, many people admire Angela’s appearance, but some believe it’s the work of plastic surgeons. In fact, the woman is against surgery, and her beauty is the result of a long and painstaking work on body and spirit.

When 64-year-old Angela Paul calls her age, she is not believed

Some even accuse her of having plastic surgery

A woman has never fallen under the knife of a surgeon, she maintains her beauty on her own.

At the age of 16, Angela Paul started working as a model

The girl gave up her medication and started to lead a healthy life
Sports, good nutrition, meditation are the secret to Angela’s eternal youth

Her appearance has attracted a lot of positive attention from men half her age
who approach her, and some negative comments from people who accuse her of
undergoing cosmetic surgery, which she insists is untrue

At the age of 30, a girl gave birth to Arielle

A mother at 64 looks like she’s the same age…

Now the daughter is 34 years old, and with her mother they look like sisters

Youthful looking family! Angela, with her husband Alan, and daughter Arielle, 34

She refuses meat, but she eats fish and seafood

A woman says that taking care of yourself is the main secret of a beautiful appearance.

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