Embarrassing Movie Scenes That Actors Would Love to Forget

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The movie industry has been trying different techniques since it’s birth. Erotic sex scenes are one
of the most intriguing and favorite genres for Hollywood fans. Directors, Writers, and actors have
indulged in the different form of sex. With the advancement of technology and upgrading of society,
the homosexuality is being widely accepted in these sex scenes. Pool sex, bathroom sex, public sex
and many other ideas have been adopted.

Here are just a few of the stories about how awkward the situations around the erotic episodes
can be. After some of them, not just a movie career, but sex is something you want to give up!

Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s mother watched him act in a sex scene

Son sex in front of mom

Christopher Mintz-Plasse was 17 years old when he played Fogell role in Superbad.
The law requires parents of underage actors to be at the set if their children are to act
in a sex scene. He said, “It was because I was 17. I was just sitting there with my bors on,
waiting for my mom to drive down to the set. She got there, and I had fake sexual intercourse
in front of her.”

Henry Cavill admits he got an erection filming a sex scene

nude and sexual scenes.

The Clark Kent actor says that he found himself in an embarrassing situation while
playing the character of Charles Brandon on The Tudors. The show is known for its
“Rated R” and “Rated MA” natures, especially due to its nude and sexual scenes.

It only happened to me once and it was very embarrassing…

“A girl had to be on top of me, she had spectacular breasts, and I hadn’t rearranged my stuff
into a harmless position. She’s basically rubbing herself all over me and, um, it got a bit hard.
I had to apologize profusely afterward. It’s not great when you’re in a professional acting
environment and somebody gets a boner, is it? No, not acceptable.”

Anne Hathaway got ‘unnecessarily’ naked for new film

unnecessarily naked

Anne Hathaway got “unnecessarily” naked for her new movie “Love and Other Drugs.”

The actress appears in several sex scenes with her co-star Jake Gyllenhaal in the film and
has to show a lot of flesh, but one day on set she got nude in front of the crew for no reason.

She said: “On the day I shot the scene where I have to remove my trench coat and be nude
underneath I thought we were filming, but it turned out we were just rehearsing and I got
unnecessarily naked in front of a lot of people. But hey, I just did my job.”

As Jesse Metcalfe needed a break

Television actor Jesse Metcalfe

Television actor Jesse Metcalfe incredibly lucky. His most famous role was the image of a young
friend of the heroine Eva Longoria in the TV series “Desperate Housewives”.
Of course, not just once or twice the actors had to play the hot love scenes, and not all of them
went smoothly. Sam Metcalf argues that, over time, to get used to the unusual feelings – after all
there are a lot of people, and often you’re too stiff to get off. But one of the first such scenes still
turned to the actor’s embarrassment. “It was the first sex scene of John and Gabriella,
(shares his memories of the actor). We rehearsed, and the excitement so close to eve I’m really
excited. And then suddenly the Director says, “OK. Get out of bed, we need to change the scenery”
and I’m like: “Um… can I for a minute?”Well, I could not in such a way to get out from under the blankets!»

As Anna Paquin’s husband gave into the wrong hands

Anna Paquin Sexy Celebrity

Another “victim” of the “True blood” – Anna Paquin. She had to do a fair amount of explicit
scenes in the series, but the irony of this becomes clear when you learn that the Director
of the episodes involving Anna was with her husband Stephen Moyer. However,
the spouse Paquin for this test by applying very professionally: “I love working for the monitors,
so they often are located far from the filming location, and the tips I have to do on the radio.
From the outside it really looks a bit ridiculous – I’m yelling into the radio something like:
“Joe, let’s tight squeeze Anna’s breast. Yeah, that’s it. Now take your thumb. Yeah, well,”
or appeal to his wife: “So, baby, enjoy. Show passion!” Hell, I look like a pimp!»

How Lizzy Caplan received for bravery

Lizzy Caplan Nude Scene In Masters Of Sex Series

Several years after its debut in True blood Lizzy Caplan recalls the first erotic scene in this series
with laughter, because she just got drunk to unconsciousness, ready to undress before the camera.

“I remember, was about seven in the morning. I stand naked in front of a makeup artist that sponge
rubbing my ass and drink vodka from a big Cup, says Kaplan. – While I tidied and dressed,
did I get so drunk that scared the entire crew. In the scene I was not, but between takes I talked as
usual, carried obscenities and asked did anyone have a hard-on. God, I was so ashamed then!»

As Jason Statham people ass showed

The action hero Jason Statham in his career there were many films that were love scenes, but
usually it looked decent in bed under the sheets. But “crank 2: High voltage” the actor had
not just naked, but do it in a public place. “I’m not an exhibitionist, for me to be naked in a
public place is quite difficult, and then had to take a quickie happening right at the racetrack,
says Jason. You have no idea – there are a lot of extras, all the yelling and the clicking of
camera phones, blaze flash, and I’m standing in the center with his whitish ass. Terribly.
I hope to repeat this I do not have.”

Emilia Clarke Can’t Stop Laughing

” …The actress fell into a fit of laughter when I saw Jason Momoa on the set, prepared to hard
the stage is a huge actor hid his farm in a big pink fluffy socks. “I was hysterical! In front of me
was a large pink sock, Yes I laugh forgot all the words and movements. “

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