Cinthia Fernandez – dancing with star Argentina

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Model Silvina Escudero shocked viewers a year ago on Argentina’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” with a racy strip tease. But this year contestant Cinthia Fernandez topped her. She got completely naked.

Cinthia Fernandez - Strip Dance - Bailando TV Show

The South American country’s DWTS equivalent, called Bailando por un Sueño, literally translated
“Dancing for a Dream” has the same look and format as the ABC show, with a few twists

The show pairs people from everyday life, the so-called dreamers, with hot professional or celebrity dancers. Then, apparently, it’s anything goes. Hey, it’s supposed to be a dream, right?

Escudero’s dance started out innocently enough. She played and office worker, her partner a janitor,
dancing to Aerosmith’s “Crazy.” By the time it was over, Escudero left little to the imagination,
but stopped short of going all the way.

On this year’s show, Mike Tyson and Pamela Anderson oddly, were among the celebrity guests.

Fernandez, an Argentine model, and her professional partner, Gabriel Usandivaras, started out
on a divan dressed in togas, like a tableau from a Roman orgy.

In a dance that can only be called “freestyle,” they writhed, thrust pelvises, humped, danced, twirled
and pulled of successive layers of clothes. Finally, she was topless and down to a g-string. Him, too.

The dance ended back on the divan, with Fernandez straddling her partner, only pasties covering her nipples.

She leaned back exposing her breasts to the audience while he poured wine all over them.

He gives her a fondle and as the song ends, he slips off her g-string. She briefly flashes the full Monty to the audience, which happens to include her parents, before kneeling and concealing her privates.

The viewing audience apparently wasn’t impressed. She was the third contestant elimnated.

All of this, of course, takes place on national network television.

Incidentially, a dwarf, Noelia Pompa, won the competition. It’s unknown what she did to top Fernandez, and, maybe, better left that way.

Cinthia Fernandez  nice bobs

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