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Plus Size women want to know more about Plus Size Models because they want to look like them.
Here you can find everything, from home town to measurements and weight to hair color about
famous plus size models like Sophie Dahl, Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley, Katya Zharkova,
Tabria Majors and hundreds of others. There are thousands of websites, where you can find
beautiful and hottest photos of models but you can’t find a single web where you can get detailed
information about hot full-figured models. As a large size woman, I’ve faced these issues and for
your ease, I’ve presented here complete data about top plus size models. Now you can get your
desired information about extended-size fashion icons within a second.

Tabria Majors

“You’re so lucky you don’t have to work out.”

“Ugh, I wish I could eat junk food all the time, too.”

Those are just a few of the comments I hear on-set, because I happen to be a plus-size model
who weighs around 230 pounds. But these stereotypes aren’t true; I’m not lazy or sedentary
and I don’t appreciate the assumptions that I am.

People think that because I’m bigger, I don’t work out; but I’m quite strong. I take a lot of
pride in that. My body is powerful, and I want to maintain this muscle. That takes a lot of
calculated nutrition and specific workouts. Right now, I’m really into high-intensity interval
training and weight lifting.

Anita Marshall

Anita Marshall’s story – like any other plus size model’s, has been anything but easy. It was
not roses and snowflakes before she was taken seriously or considered a model, but she
persisted and stuck around to prove herself. She gained traction from her Instagram post
and found her way up in the fashion industry. From being a makeup artist from Boston to
making it big in the industry, Anita Marshall is unstoppable.

Official Instagram –

Tara Lynn

Plus-size model Tara

The Washington model first gained popularity when she appeared on Vogue Italia cover with
Robyn Lawley and Candice Huffine in 2011. She is also known by another name “The Body”.
Twice in her career, she has appeared on the cover page ELLE France & ELLE Spain and
once on H&M cover page.

Ashley Graham

Born as Ashley Ann Graham in the year 1987, on 30th October, she’s a fashion model from the city
of Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America. Ashley Graham has made her appearance on various
fashion magazines as a cover model – ‘Vogue’, ‘Harper’s bazaar’, ‘Glamor’ and ‘Elle’. Ashley Graham
has also been part of various campaigns led by Levi’s. Ashley Graham was featured on The
Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Entertainment Tonight, as well as the CBS News and had made an
interview on plus-size modelling on NPR. Read more

Precious Lee

The name I was given at birth is Precious Lee, but when I graduated from college and moved to
New York City to pursue modeling, my agent suggested I change my name to something more
mainstream. I was surprised—my entire life, people had told me “Precious” sounded like a
stage name—but I figured my agent knew best at that time, so I decided to along with it. Read More

Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot is a model and TV personality known for inspiring a body positivity movement.
She’s also starred in campaigns for Nordstrom, Target, Macy’s, Lane Bryant, and Forever 21.
She first made a name for herself when she was dubbed the first “plus-sized” model to strut
her stuff (in New York Fashion Week in 2014) for two traditionally straight-sized brands.
Bidot uses her modeling success as a platform to spread her message that, “Being you is
what defines real beauty.”

La’Tecia Thomas

La’Tecia was first discovered when she was 15 in her hometown Melbourne. She is now one of
Australia’s most famous plus-size models. La’Tecia previously competed in fitness modelling
competitions as a size 10, but struggled with mental illness and body confidence. Now a size 16,
La’tecia is content with her body and feels that plus size modelling is a liberating experience.
In the beginning of 2018, La’Tecia took to Instagram to post a comparison between a retouched
and unretouched photo, to remind women that not everything in the media is the truth.
The body positive model feels that the industry should drop the terms ‘plus size’ and ‘curvy’
modelling, and promote women of all sizes.

Philomena Kwao

Philomena Kwao is not just one of the most beautiful plus size models out there,
she is also an avid scholar, campaigner and spokesperson for a variety of different issues.
She has advanced educational degrees, and runs her own advising and health business
called “The Lily Project”, dedicated to answering health and beauty questions of young women.
She has been campaigning against segregation of size and race in the modeling industry
and is an amazingly influential person. She is beautiful not just because of her looks,
she has the whole package, which makes her easily the number one on the list.


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