Best Zodiac Signs To Have Sex With…

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When it comes to passion, intimacy, sex, and romance, we are all drawn to our connections with another person. We crave the primal and carnal urge to unite with someone else, and when it comes to the zodiac, it’s easy to see which signs naturally beat in rhythm. Each zodiac sign has their own needs and style of sex. Find out who your most ideal match is below!

Aries “March 21 – April 19” Leo

Aries fire fans the flames of the radiant Leo, merging the two in a passionate and dynamic synergy. Aries are the conquerors of the zodiac, and Leos love to be the stars. This unites the two in such an incredible dance, as Aries can dominate and worship at the altar of the Leo. Aries want a playmate, and when it comes to Leo, they always hope to have fun when it comes to sex. This can inspire sex to become a competition for the two, seeking exciting and new adventures together. The two will feel confident and energized, almost like they’re putting on a show. This can make it loud because if there’s anything these two signs enjoy, it’s a little bit of drama.

Taurus April 20 – May 20 Scorpio

Passionate, sensual, and romantic, the Taurus bull is most connected to the intense and hypnotic sexuality of the Scorpio. This is because both signs are possessive and secretly crave pleasure that is not only of physical ecstasy, but one that extends into the emotional depths of their soul. Taurus craves loyalty and devotion, especially because making love to one is almost like a religious experience. They do not like to share themselves with anyone who they do not deem as worthy. Taurus has one of the highest sex drives of all, and when they open themselves up, they want it to go on for extremely long sessions. Scorpios can have controlling, erotic, and potent sexual power and the Taurus bull secretly craves sex that allows both partners to be consumed by extreme and overwhelming, unstoppable hunger. Together, the two become obsessive, addicted, and savage together – the ultimate Taurus sexual fantasy. It’ll just get hotter and more passionate every single time.

Gemini “May 21 – June 20” Sagittarius

When it comes to a Gemini’s ideal sexual match, the wild and adventurous Sagittarius will keep things vivid, spontaneous, and a little bit dangerous. Gemini needs to always feel like they’re in for a little bit of a surprise when it comes to their sex life, and this match will likely feel like fatal attraction. As a mental Air Sign, Gemini also needs communication during sex, even if it’s led up to through texting, talking, or building up a fantasy in each other’s heads. Sagittarius like a challenge and do enjoy a bit of instant gratification, which can shock a Gemini and make their head spin. This connection will always feel youthful as long as the two engage in a healthy dose of experimentation and freedom – one thing these two signs will definitely sign up for.

Cancer “June 21 – July 22” Capricorn

The emotional and loyal Cancer needs a partner who will be their rock–which is why Capricorn is their ideal sexual partner. Capricorn are not the most adventurous in bed and like to stick to their methods, but this won’t bother the sensitive Cancer because as long as their connection can be trusted, this will allow them to open up. Cancer wants a mate, and because of this, devotion and security are also extremely important to them. Capricorn tends to be long-term focused, as well, meaning that when the two connect they will see that they balance each other out. For Cancer, truly enjoying sex must come from an emotional sensitivity, and when out of their shell, they can become deeply sensual and enjoy the fantasy side of sex. This sex life will likely not be a fast and furious connection. It will be a slow process of steadily exploring the other.

Leo “July 23 – August 22” Gemini

Leo craves their sex life to always be like a show, which is why they match so well with the whirlwind sign of Gemini in the sheets! Fiery, dramatic, and larger than life, Leo wants to feel like royalty. Once they have been taken care of, though, and know that their partner is to be trusted, they are happy to fully dive into the other person’s pleasure. Leo wants life to feel like fun and games, which is why Gemini’s adventurous and lusty streak will crank up their heat. Gemini, the sign of the twins, has different sides to their sexuality and is one of the most adaptable and flexible signs. They will easily feed into the Leo’s vanity and get off by pushing Leo’s many buttons. While the two may not be a perfect match when it comes to love and romance, as Leo craves more loyalty than a Gemini, sexually the two will often spend much of their time together laughing and performing for one another like stars in their own little film.

Virgo “August 23 – September 22” Virgo

When it comes to a zodiac sign that likes to serve others, Virgo tops the list. This is because they are also the greatest planners of the zodiac. Yet, with so much mental energy in their personality, this means that sexually they like to analyze all of the details. The ideal sexual match for a Virgo is also a Virgo because they will have an inherent similarity in values and understand what it takes to go from A to Z in their own sensual, rhythmic erotic dance. While they may appear prim, proper, and practical most of the time, all Virgo tend to have an active fantasy life, which only another Virgo will know how to trigger precisely. Also, because Virgo are so unselfish in general, being paired with a lover who is equally as giving will be a surprise for them and allow them to reach new levels of trust. Slow, steady, and ready to please, these two can teach each other new tricks as well as work on personal growth.

Libra “September 23 – October 22” Aquarius

When it comes to charm, excitement, and versatility, Libra embodies a sex life that must be both mentally stimulating but also – make sense. Ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus, Libra love to indulge in their pleasure. However, because of this, they also want their sex life to feel and be beautiful. Often drawn to someone a bit more stable than they are, they crave partnership and desire a person who can be inventive and zealous. This is because sex with a Libra is dynamic, often mirroring the energy and desires of their lover. With all this in mind, Aquarius quickly steps up as someone a Libra will be drawn to. Both are Air Signs and enjoy mental stimulation. However, they both are eager to try new things and make sex a bit more experimental together. Together, they’re in a safe zone to push boundaries but communicate along the way.

Scorpio “October 23 – November 21” Pisces

The fiery and intense Scorpio is known as one of the top sex signs of the zodiac due to their passionate and erotic tendencies. Yet, when it comes to unleashing their volcano, a Pisces is their ideal match because of the sensitivity, trust, and almost telepathic connection between the signs. Scorpio are ravenous and voracious when they release their sexual hunger, not always needing an emotional connection to feed their primal urges. However, a Pisces will know intuitively how to draw out the Scorpio’s emotional and mystical depths, allowing sex to become almost holy and transcendent. Scorpio also tend to be drawn to mind games, possessive tendencies, and domination, which the Pisces will enjoy to dive into because of their desire to live within a fantasy. Together, the two will go deeper than ever before.

Sagittarius “November 22 – December 21” Aries

When it comes to a sign that likes to live large and taste a little bit of everything, Sagittarius is forever focused on expansion. This can manifest in their sex life as a Fomo on the next best thing. However, in order to keep the sparks flying, a Sagittarius can meet their match with an Aries. Aries are fiery, impulsive, and aggressive, traits that will both excite a Sagittarius, but also pull out their inner daredevil. Sagittarius doesn’t need an emotional connection to enjoy the activity of sex, as it is extremely physical for them and they are focused on the release. This same kind of passion can flow for an Aries, who will want to do it again and again. Seeking adventure with a twist, both Aries and Sagittarius will want to break the rules and rewrite them with an open mind. Sparks are sure to fly.

Capricorn ” December 22 – January 19” Taurus

A sign not often lured into the recesses of their emotional or romantic heart, Capricorn like a conquest when it comes to their sex life. They tend to go for partners that can help them in some way in life, such as professionally or financially, but when it comes to the whirlwind of the heart, Capricorn find their passionate connection most powerfully with a Taurus. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is pleasure and passion incarnate, something that both fascinates and scares the Capricorn goat. Yet, because both are Earth Signs, they tend to find a way to intrinsically connect. Both signs value loyalty and stability, and when they open up gradually, Taurus will show Capricorn the glory of sexual lust. This unleashes a whole new side to Capricorn, who learns to free themselves of their logic and be consumed by long sessions of pleasure. The two can learn to communicate about what turns them on and become dedicated to pleasing each other’s every desire.

Aquarius “January 20 – February 18” Libra

When it comes to the Aquarius sex drive, this zodiac sign craves someone who can keep things interesting. As an intellectual Air Sign, mental stimulation is almost as important as physical arousal. Aquarius is often very mechanical when it comes to sex, analyzing and breaking down everything to movement and rhythm, almost like a machine. Also, this zodiac sign expects to be exalted and worshiped, and thus looks for a partner who is willing to put in the work and be flexible to their sometimes wild and eccentric needs. Of all the signs, Libra matches this best because they are so willing to mirror the desires of Aquarius, engage in the mental communication necessary to capture their interest, and then experiment in unusual and spontaneous ways. Because of this, lovemaking will be energetic and elaborate and likely unforgettable.

Pisces “February 19 – March 20” Cancer

The deep and magical waters of the Pisces soul come to life in a sexual experience with a Cancer because the two are connected across the stars through an almost soul mate connection. Cancer, providing the strength, stability, and sense of comfort to get a Pisces’s mojo moving, will help a Pisces to feel safe to indulge in their sexual and emotional fantasies. Pisces often will shift and change to mirror what their partner wants, but Cancer will accept them and give them the reassurance to explore every ocean of pleasure they desire. Sex between the two can have an almost healing quality, as well, which will allow them to escape from stress and attach more closely together. Their senses will be ignited and their unselfish natures will allow them to transcend into an almost divine sexual dance.

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