The most sexually liberated countries in the world

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Many countries in this world are known for their famous adult destinations.

Here, in this article, we reveal to you the details about the countries that are known for being the most sexually active.

These are the most sexually active countries in the world. The list is based on research conducted by a condom company where they did a survey and the results were shared.

12. China

nude sexy Chinese soldiers


According to the research done, China is listed in the most sexually satisfied countries

Over the last 20 years, Chinese attitudes to sex have undergone a revolution –
a process carefully observed, and sometimes encouraged, by the country’s first
female sexologist, Li Yinhe.

11. Germany

Despite Germany being marked as having the world’s “worst lovers” for being “too smelly” the
country does rank highly as a sexually satisfied nation. Germany is home to some of the world’s
most comprehensive sex-education programs and is known for its progressive in full political
policies in relation to sex work. The sexual excitement element also seems to be swing
Thirty-two percent of Germans profess to having had a one-night stand and 30 percent
have had sex in a public place.

Like other Western European countries, Germans rate their own sexual performance as excellent.

10. Nigeria

According to Durex, Nigeria is rated the number-one sexually satisfied nation in the world
with 67 percent of its population claiming sexual gratification. Perhaps it has something to do with
the fact that Nigerians also take the longest time having sex, at 24 minutes per average session.
The stats come as rather surprising given Nigeria’s conservative views on same-sex marriages,
having recently banned these unions, and the prevalence of Islamic extremism, witch dominates the
country. Then again, Nigerian women have also been ranked the most unfaithful in the world
with 62% having admitted cheating on a partner.

9. India

India also makes it to the list of the most sexually active countries in the world in 2018.
Just like China, India’s population speaks for itself. There are many cases where people
are not aware of sexual education, and there are a lot of problems regarding unsafe sex,
and they also have limited access to information about the necessary protection and safe sex.
Recently, the supreme court has stated that adultery is not a crime.

8. Australia

Seventy-five percent of Australians claim to have had sex on the road, with vehicles proving to be
quite the aphrodisiac. What’s more.
Cosmo says 27 percent of Australian women “wouldn’t change a thing about their sex lives.
”Aussie women are also quite likely to fantasize about having a threesome, with 20% listing
this act as their favorite sexual fantasy as opposed to only four percent of Americans.
As far as sexual partners go, Australians are more promiscuous than most.
Twenty-five is the average number of sexual partners Aussie men have had,compared with 13 for
their American counterparts.The women, on the other hand, fare more equal with 10 and 9 the
average number of sexual partners for Australian and American women respectively.

7. The Netherlands

Prostitution Information Center

The Netherlands has a reputation as being one of the most pro-sex countries in the world thanks
to its famous red light district, abundance of nude beaches and open sex education policies.
In addition, 64 percent of Dutch men and women are confident at asserting their needs and wants
during sex and are more open about sex in general. Comparatively, only half of Americans say
they’re comfortable asserting their sexual desires. Remarkably, Holland has a teen birth rate
of only 5.3 per 1,000 compared with 39.1 per 1,000 in the United States, as well as a much lower
abortion and HIV rates, AlterNet reported. Twenty-two percent of the population rates the quality
of their sex lives as excellent.

6. Mexico

bar nocturne en mexico para adults

Mexico ranks as the sixth most sexually active country. This hot country is known for legalized prostitution.

5. Brazil

Considering how this is the birthplace of the thong, it makes sense that sex is as essential
as breathing in Brazil. Stroll along any beach and you would certainly find many gorgeous women
sunbathing by the shore of perhaps even taking a dip in the ocean. It’s no secret that people
here have amazing bods and they should totally flaunt it if they’ve got it.

4. Greece

Greece’s prostitution industry

This country has a long tradition of partaking in sexual activities, and this dates back to the
ancient times. After all, these are the guys who made popular the concept of pederasty
and Sapphic love. With its temperate Mediterranean weather, beaches and tons of islands,
it’s no wonder why Greece is ranked one of the leading as the most sexually active country in the world.

3. Spain

Sexually charged Spain, with its nude beaches and high social acceptance of gay marriage,
recently topped the world’s “best male lover” list in a poll surveying 15,000 women globally
about which nationality of men could best float their boat. Don’t believe those stats?
Just ask the Spaniards themselves. A quarter of the population of Spain rates their sexual
performance as excellent. Indeed, a recent study looking at 9,850 people in Spain revealed
that 90% of Spanish men and women were sexually satisfied. Unsurprisingly, their levels of
sexual satisfaction rose over time with a stable partner as opposed to casual encounters.

2. Italy

With an abundance of good wine and good food, it’s no wonder Italians rate high on the sexual
satisfaction scale. According to Men’s Health, sexual seduction in Italy begins at the table
as food and sex are inextricably linked. This may be the reason Italians are considered among
the top lovers in the world. Italian women also seem pretty content with their love lives and
women who have two glasses of wine daily enjoy greater sexual satisfaction than those who didn’t
drink. 64 percent of Italian men and women rated their sex lives as satisfying, with a third
of Italians expecting sex to last more than 10 minutes.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is consistently rated as one of the most sexually satisfied nations around the globe.
25 percent of Swiss nationals rate their sexual performance and their sex lives as “excellent.”
Thirty-two percent have even had sex in public places. Yet, somehow, amidst all that fornicating,
the Swiss still manage to have one of the lowest teen birth rates in the world. In 2012,
a United Nations survey revealed that the teen birth rate in the United States was almost 10 times
higher than in Switzerland.

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