The Craziest Brothels From Around The World

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Prostitution can be divided into three broad categories, street prostitution, escort prostitution and brothel prostitution. Prostitution is illegal in many countries around the world… In countries like Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, prostitution is legal but not regulated. In countries like Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Netherlands, prostitution is legal and controlled by the government. Brothels are classified under “organized prostitution”, and they are illegal in all countries except a few like Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. Brothels are illegal in the US, but they are legal in a few rural Nevada counties. Not all brothels are same! Check some strangest brothels around the world.

Alien Cathouse a legal brothel near Las Vegas – Nevada

Alien Cathouse in Amargosa Valley, Nevada. A legal Nevada brothel that specializes in extraterrestrial fantasies.

On an interstellar mission to bring erotic pleasure to the entire universe, the Cosmic Kittens from the planet Venus 69 set out on a fantastic voyage across deep space-but a freak mishap caused their starship to crash land on planet Earth just outside Nevada’s mysterious Area 51 Air Force facility. Now, stranded on a strange planet populated by so many repressed men and women fraught with a galaxy’s worth of lust, the Cosmic Kittens have vowed to use their extraterrestrial sexual prowess to help horny Earthlings satisfy their insatiable carnal desires. Teaming up with brothel mogul Dennis Hof, the Kittens opened the world famous Alien Cathouse legal bordello-and there’s nothing quite like it in the entire Milky Way!

Nana Entertainment Plaza – The Most Famous Brothel in Bangkok

The Most Famous Brothel

The Nana Plaza is Bangkok’s largest red light district and is home to many go go bars, strip clubs and short time hotels. On any given night you are sure to find the sexiest escorts in these venues waiting for their drinks to be replenished. Differing from the traditional brothel experience, an escort’s service must be negotiated, so money and charm are essential to ensure you get the experience you desire. There are also both freelance and established escorts operating, so make sure you know what kind of experience you are after.

For those not interested in a ‘full service’, the Nana Entertainment Plaza is still a crazy experience worth having. Brimming full with a vibrant energy, stunning strip dancers and ladyboy performances, you haven’t experienced Bangkok without experiencing the Nana Entertainment Plaza. And who knows, you might even decide to get a cheeky happy ending massage as a souvenir.

Shibuya Pink Girls Club, Tokyo Japan

Pink Salon - Sex Guide To Japan

What’s so special about this brothel? The place is actually a mockup of a subway train. It’s filled with girls in schoolgirl outfits. Interested men can pay $100 for an entry, and grope any girl inboard, and anywhere they want. Remember, prostitution is illegal in Japan. This is the reason why Japanese brothels are little different. The brothels offer everything for clients but intercourse “penetration to be precise”. 

Adult World 3D – Sex Games Online

Pascha – very popular German brothel

Most popular German brothel in Cologne, biggest in Europe and one of top 5 brothels .

Pascha is the biggest brothel in Germany. The 12-stored brothel is also the Europe’s first high rise brothel. There are about 120 sex workers working in the brothel, serving 1000 customers a day. Visitors need to pay a small entry fee. Once they are in, they can wander around the building and negotiate directly with the prostitutes.

Para Doxies, Brothel For Disabled- Buckinghamshire, UK

first brothel for those with mental and physical disabilities

A woman who ran an illegal brothel for the most part of her life decided to run a brothel exclusively for the disabled and autism patients after she retired from the work. The brothel is only for disabled. It is also one of the few non-profit and privately funded brothels in the world. 

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