Alternative masks to protect against coronavirus

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Underwear, carrier bags and egetables could all be used in the fight against coronavirus.

Plastic objects used as masks include a large plastic water bottle worn around the head and a milk bottle that covers just the mouth and nose, while more biodegradable options include a lettuce leaf.

Some people are using Women’s underwear as Coronavirus Masks

Because we live in the actual worst timeline, guys who can’t find masks to stave off coronavirus infection have decided to turn to wearing…women’s underwear. On their faces. Yes, really. A video from Cjaysan shed a light on the new trend when the Twitch streamer visited Japan.

In Case Of Emergency – Remove Your Bra. This Is not silly, this is science!

Dr Elena Bodnar, a Ukrainian scientist, has created an ’emergency bra’ that can be turned into a face mask to protect against lethal chemical explosions, biological hazards and unpredictable violent attacks. Though the brassiere looks and is used like an ordinary bra, it isn’t. In the event of an emergency, you can take off the EBra, separate the cups from each other, place your mouth and nose into the cup’s interior, extend the bra strap over your head and breathe normally. The brassiere converts into a pair of protective face masks, one for the brassiere wearer and one for a needy bystander.

Man uses sanitary towel as mask

Not Today CoronaVirus

Lettuce head

Max Siedentopf suggests alternative masks to protect against coronavirus

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