What to do when during Quarantine boredom.. COVID-19

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When you find out your daily lifestyle is actually called quarantine…

CoronaVirus Quarantine Day 1

adult social network

Quarantine day 4

Day 5 of quarantine

It was the sixth day of quarantine

CoronaVirus Quarantine Day 7

They lose their nerve

Day 8 of quarantine

Calculated that in 1 pound of rice – 1,825,317 grains. About sugar I’ll say later

It was the tenth day of quarantine

My dad gave a talk to the cats about COVID-19

Quarantine day – unknown

Quarantine day 13

Day ?? – Quarantine “What day is it???”

Quarantine day – unknown

Fucked Up – Game Over

I think it’s the 14th or 16th day

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