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Very sexy photo realistic paintings to discover over at Terry Rodgers…

realistic and sexy paintings
Terry Rodgers is an American artist best known for his monumental figurative oil paintings concerned with issues of contemporary body politics.

Erotic art and painting by Chinese artist Lui Liu

Nude Women Running by Lui Liu

Lui Liu is a Chinese Asian Modern & Contemporary painter who was born in 1957. A graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. Now resides in Toronto, Canada. His works are derived from fantasy ….



Omar Ortiz hyper realistic artist

Hyper Realistic Nude Paintings. artist Omar Ortiz
Mexican Omar Ortiz uses the human body as the main element in his work. His hyper realistic paintings are surprisingly exquisite, as is his command of light and … Omar Ortiz was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where he still resides. Attracting much interest for drawing and illustration from early age.

Bruno Di Maio | Surrealist Figurative painter

Bruno Di Maio is one of the Italy’s best figurative artists, lives and works in Tuscany, Italy. Di Maio tries, successfully, in his allegorical and surrealistic interpretation of present, to give life to the recollect quality of the past.

Paintings by Konstantin Kacev

female art. body. boobs
Konstantin Kachev has taken part in numerous group exhibitions across Macedonia and has presented his work in solo shows in both Paris and New York. He has exhibited at the prestigious Grand Palais in Paris at the ‘Art En Capital’ exhibition.

Milo Moiré is a Swiss porn actress, artist and model known for her nude performances…

 Milo Moire Nude Performance Art
Milo Moire is a Swiss performance artist, psychologist and painter who lives in Dusseldorf.

Hyper-realistic art – Painter Antonio Guzmán Capel

Antonio Guzmán Capel is a Spanish painter. Antonio is equally good at painting landscapes, classical portraits, still lifes, people in motion like a bullfighting subject, female nudity, and even abstraction.

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