Gymnastics Champ to Pornstar. Verona van de Leur

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For athletes around the globe, the motivation of becoming the world’s best is a dream few are able to realise, but at just 14 years old, Dutch gymnast Verona van de Leur had it in her clasp. Back in 2000, Van de Leur scored two junior European medals. Two years alter she picked up five European Championship medals, three World Cup final medals and a silver at the World Championships. After being crowned Dutch Sportswoman of the Year at just 16-years-old, Verona van de Leur was essentially on top of the world, but it all came crashing down just as fast.

Gymnastics champ Verona van de Leur worked as porn star ...

Dutch athlete Verona van de Leur, 33, has had her ups and downs: she managed to snatch medals at major competitions, including the World Cup Final gold in 2002, but also had to live in a rough life just a few years later. Eventually, she wound up in prison and of course, she turned to the porn industry following her release hoping to find a job she liked and maybe even getting out of this sticky situation for the better.

Gymnastics Champ to Pornstar

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