These are the 10 things women do in bed that men HATE..

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It’s totally normal for women to want to please their man with what he enjoys in the bedroom.. but have you ever thought about what he doesn’t like?

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  1. Telling him when to orgasm
    This is never a win-win situation. Asking him to hold off will just make him anxious and paranoid he’ll ejaculate pre-maturely. Telling him to orgasm now sounds like you’re saying ‘could you hurry up and finish?’.
  1. Watching porn together and then getting jealous.
    Suggesting you watch porn together… then hating his reaction to it…
    Lots of couples enjoy watching porn together, but if you’re going to try it, don’t take it as an insult if he’s more interested in what’s happening on the screen
Watching porn as a couple
  1. Being too noisy when others can hear
    There’s no denying men love a bit of moaning and groaning, but screaming and thrashing about is actually quite scary for them… and also a tad embarrassing. Another issue is being too noisy, too soon. Over-exaggerated moans from the get-go makes him certain you’re faking it.
  1. Lying back and doing nothing
    It takes two to tango, and it also takes two to plough. Lying down and taking it is both patronizing and uninspiring and should never be done by whoever is on the bottom . The person on top wants to know that you’re at least enjoying the steamy soiree, so give it a bit of oomph, will you?
  1. Going to the toilet and not washing afterwards
    I mean, is this something I really need to put here? If you’re lucky enough that your partner likes to stick their head between your legs and say hello on a regular occasion, you could at least keep it washed and clean down there. Same applies to you fellas as well, no one wants to stick their gob near smelly genitals. Lets keep it clean, yeah?
  1. Scratching his back
    While it always looks super sexy in films, scratching your fingernails down his back actually just hurts him… and comes across a tad over dramatic.
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7. Agreeing to have sex then acting like you’ve done him a huge favour.
Sex is supposed to be mutually pleasurable: find ways to do things differently so it is enjoyable for you too.

8. Being too self conscious
One of the biggest contributors to someone’s sex appeal is confidence. If you’re someone who switches the light off as soon as it begins to get a bit frisky, it is more than likely that it will worry the man you’re getting down and dirty with. So what if you have one boob bigger than the other, or a birthmark on your leg? We all have imperfections; own them.

9. Only liking the missionary position
Men struggle to keep their desires high when you’re making love in the same position every single time.

Take that quote with you and apply it to the sack. Sex is meant to be fun, so don’t do the same thing week-in-week-out. Get the Kamasutra Sex Positions app on your phone, try out some different positions and enjoy getting to know each other; we’re not on this planet for long enough to have boring sex.

The missionary SEX position

10. Only dressing up when you go out
Men are visual creatures and really do appreciate it if you make an effort in the looks department. Nothing frustrates a man more than when you come home from work in heels and pencil skirts looking hot and sexy, but the minute you’re through the door on comes the tracksuit.

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