Sophia Vogel photographer, has created a photo project “With and without clothes”

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Berlin-based artist Sophia Vogel photographs normal people doing everyday things in the nude for With and Without – a series that looks to break down social constructs and taboos surrounding nudity.

young photographer from Berlin

The people Vogel photographs are not models but volunteers who come to her Berlin studio and chat before the shoots begin, Hello Giggles reports. Once they’re comfortable, she has them do something that’s part of their normal routine and photographs them fully clothed. Then, they recreate the same action nude, and she captures the exact same scene — minus the clothing. She posts the two versions side by side on her Instagram page to juxtapose them. What’s striking about the nude ones is that though you can tell the people are naked, it’s really the action that draws your eye’s attention.

Check out some of the extensive series below.

Check out more of Sophia Vogel’s work on her website and help crowdfund a With and Without book here.

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